Sandy and Client


Our friendly stylists provide a non-intimidating environment.  If your favorite stylist isn’t available, consider giving one of our other team members a chance to meet your needs. In contrast to some salons, our stylists work as a team to make sure you are satisfied. If you have any questions, please contact Sandra Ross Salon at: 708.383.8814.

leaf Sandra R. ~ Owner, Stylist

“I still love doing hair though it’s been 39 years. I enjoy the interesting people I see because I learn something new all the time and I so enjoy making them look and feel their best. The group of women I work with have been with me for years and are the nicest and most talented professionals I know.”

leaf Diane C. ~ Stylist, Colorist, Perms

“I have been a hairdresser for 31 years and have worked with Sandra for 28 of them. That says a lot in this business. Our shops works because we all work to make your experience relaxing and beautiful.”

leaf Chelsey R.C. ~ Stylist, Colorist, Waxing

“Growing up in an artist’s home, I was always a creative person. Today I view hair as my own medium. I love what I do and wouldn’t change a thing.”

leaf Diana M. ~ Stylist, Colorist, Waxing

“I’ve wanted to do hair since I was 12 years old. I started on my babies. Now I feel like I never work, I just love my job of making everyone feel good about themselves.”

leaf Rebecca Y. ~ Stylist, Colorist, Perms

“After 27 years in this business, I still look forward to going to work. I love meeting new people and adore the clients that have been a part of my life for 20+ years. When somebody leaves feeling renewed or picked up, I am truly happy. That is what I love most.”

leaf Halina N. ~ Manicurist, Pedicures

“I love doing manicures and pedicures because it makes your hands and feet look soft and elegant and it makes people smile.”
(also speaks Polish)

leaf Terry H. ~ Stylist

“Transformation – taking someone to a different look or freshening up an existing one, that’s fun!”

leaf Yadi O. ~ Stylist, Colorist, Perms, Waxing

“I love doing hair because you get to see the results of your work immediately. It’s very gratifying.”
(also speaks Spanish)